>>About TI Geosciences

TI Geosciences Ltd (TIG) is a corporate start-up backed by shareholders with a strong technical and operational knowledge and with a focus on the offshore geotechnical survey and site investigation industry: wind and renewable, oil and gas, mining and deep-water. TIG’s resources possess a demonstrably extensive experience and track record in offshore, subsea and geotechnical contracting, combined with engineering and advanced system design and development capabilities, enabling the delivery of world-class services to this challenging sector.

TI Geosciences provides cone penetration test (CPT)/gravity coring services, based on it’s deep-push, buoyancy stabilised, deep-water CPT system – equipped with AP van den Berg's digital pressure compensated Icone – deployed from a PSV or vessel of opportunity.

Remote seabed drilling services are coming soon, with the first in a range of ROYAL IHC's SWORD (Sonic Wireline-Operated Remote Drill) systems being currently commissioned, which will be deployed from a DP2 vessel down to a maximum of 3000m of water depth.

The advanced SWORD technology combined with a new cloud-based data management system will enable TI Geosciences to simplify processes, reduce reporting times, and enhance service quality to our customers.

>>Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical surveys are performed to collect subsea information and data, which typically include bathymetry surveys, side-scan sonar surveys, echo sounder surveys, acoustic sub-bottom profile surveys, magnetometer surveys and camera surveys.

Combining geophysical survey results with geotechnical survey results will help engineers to better understand the seabed and subsurface conditions.

>>Hydrographic Survey Capabilities

Our survey and inspection vessels are equipped with AUV’s and ROVs fitted with video cameras, acoustic scanning systems, Green line Laser Measurement, CP probes and pipe-trackers to locate buried lines and with ROTs for acoustic pipeline surveys.


  • Pipe route surveys
  • Analogue and digital site survey
  • Pre-installation survey
  • Unexploded ordinance detection - UXO survey
  • Visual and acoustic pipeline and cable inspection
  • Platform and turbine inspection


  • MBES bathymetry
  • Sub-bottom profiling
  • Sidescan sonar surveys
  • Magnetometer surveys
  • Laser measurement
  • Soil & Sediment Testing

Data Center Facilities

  • Data processing and analysis
  • Cartography
  • Report writing
  • Geophysical interpretation
  • Tailor-made GIS services
  • Soil Laboratory

>>TI Geosciences Videos

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